70 cancer kids stuck in the hospital sterile rooms for several long months of cancer treatments… 

When we heard there were no ANY activities for them in that poor hospital in Ukraine, we decided to purchase projectors and big screens and let these cancer kids get together and watch a movie - like they would if they were healthy - and imagine they are in the cinema. Everybody like movies! Let them feel inspiration, fun, and care!

80% of these little patients have a chance to survive and recover from cancer. And positive emotions play such a big part in successful healing.


Our plan:

Dec.19th is a big holiday in Ukraine: the feast day of Saint Nicholas when traditionally children receive small treats.

We plan to install 3 overhead projectors in 3 different underfunded children hospitals of Ukraine for kids with cancer: in Kiev city, Zhytomir city and Odessa city.


We’ll start with showing children the classic Disney cartoons for inspiration, dreams, and hope followed by the performance of local actors wearing costumes of Disney Princess and other Disney characters. World famous heroes would teach cancer kids positive thinking via the show, playing games and giving them hope! Children would never forget this time!