1 Child at a time

Based on the statistics, there are 600 children afflicted annually by leukemia in Ukraine. Most of them could be saved. Just imagine 600 kids... the size of an average school in Ukraine, and these kids would likely die without our help!
70% of cancer-stricken kids have a strong chance to survive.
It would only take $15,000 to save the life of a child.

 The government-run medical system in Ukraine has numerous downsides. The cost of health care services are high, everyone is supposedly covered, but everyone pays anyway. Being the welfare state it is, in reality, the Ukraine’ health care system is a public/private hybrid.
Additionally, due to the war in eastern Ukraine, the governments budget on social and medical programs were cut drastically. For example, the cost of the leukemia treatment for a child weighing 66 lbs is about $15k.
The government covers only 50% of the cost. The rest has to be paid by the family of a sick child.