Our team’s trip to Ukraine

In September 2015 our two co-founders flew to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the main goal of the trip was to initiate a relationship with OKHMADET, the one and only hospital in Ukraine capable of treating young leukemia patients. 
Natalka Volya had volunteered to lead the project, she was approved and appointed by the HCU Foundation board to be the Director of LEUKEMIA KIDS project. Natalka would conduct all the negotiations on behalf of the HCU Foundation in Ukraine, personally review the project site, conditions of the hospital, establish relationship with the management of OKHMADET, and conduct analysis of the current leukemia situation in Ukraine.
Natalka met and interviewed Ihor Stezyuk, the Chief doctor of the OKHMADET hospital. The interview went on for hours. Discussing the hospitals enormous problems was overwhelming. 
The tour of the premises revealed horrible conditions of the patients rooms. “We have a shortage of everything! Even simple things like antimicrobial agents for the treatment of bacterial infections in cancer patients…Don’t get me started on chemotherapy treatments or other expensive drugs… Sometimes we don’t even have antibiotics… the situation is really bad. Children are suffering because the government’s funding of one sick child is $1 per day, that does not even cover painkillers…”
Before Natalka left, she received the list of all the necessary equipment and medications needed for the OKHMADET Hospital as well as the list of leukemia children (with a permission of their parents) that the potential sponsors would be able to support. 
The cornerstone was laid. 
The Help Children of Ukraine Foundation is the proud partner of the OKHMADET Hospital in Ukraine. 
We will do everything we can to ensure access to blood cancer treatments for all young patients and stop leukemia by saving children lives. 
We'll have oversight on many levels; both locally, through our local Directors, and by visiting the various projects in person. We'll produce videos during our visits and we also get reports and photos from the field on each project regularly.